Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home or Investment Property in the Triangle

Depending on how long you’ve owned your property, you may or may not be familiar with all the provisions of our standard Offer To Purchase And Contract. If you’ve owned the property more than 5 years, you will likely have no idea what a ‘due diligence period’ or ‘due diligence fee’ is. But those terms are part of the important changes made to the latest version of our contracts, and you’ll need to become intimately familiar with them and understand how they will affect your real estate transaction. For more information on our standard Offer To Purchase And Contract specifics, CALL CHRISTY today.

It is (mostly) a SELLER’S market in the Triangle

Yes, the market is favoring sellers at the moment, especially in high demand areas and in certain (lower) price points. But even in our rural areas and in some higher price brackets, some sellers are enjoying the luxury of selecting from multiple offers on their homes and are netting huge gains. But even in this so – called HOT market, certain tried and true principals still apply: The price must be in line with current comparable sales and the condition of the home must be commensurate with said price. Overpricing a home, or choosing to ignore needed maintenance before selling, will only further reduce your proceeds. A good, experienced real estate agent can advise on the correct list price and provide guidance on opportunities to improve the condition of your home prior to listing. For more information and tips on preparing your home for sale, read my blog entitled “Do These 7 Tasks To Ready Your Home For Sale”. And if you’re ready to discuss your selling timeframe, marketing plan and probable list price, CALL CHRISTY today.

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